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What’s Cooking at Camp Weequahic…

Posted Saturday, June 30th, 2012 by

Summer Camp cooking programs like Camp Weequahic’s help campers learn their way around the kitchen by teaching them how to make fun snacks. Eating a warm chocolate chip cookie that one helped bake makes a second home feel even more like home, and it’s a special treat to which many campers look forward. In fact, some of the treats campers whip up in the cooking studio have become part of Camp Weequahic tradition.  Camp Weequahic cooking instructors also teach campers tips for making some of their favorite snacks more nutritious as part of an overall effort to help campers maintain a healthy lifestyle while at camp.  Here’s one of our favorite recipes from the Camp Weequahic cooking studio:

No Bake Choc Chip Truffles

1 cup soft butter

1 1/2 cups brown sugar, packed

2 tsp. vanilla extract

1/2 tsp. salt

2 cups all-purpose flour

1 Tbsp water

1 (6 ounce) package mini chocolate chips

·         Cream butter and sugar together.

·          Add remaining ingredients and mix well by hand.

·         Roll into bite-size balls.

·         Freeze until firm, about 30 minutes. Store in a plastic zip-type bag in the freezer.

·         Let stand at room temperature 5 minutes before eating. (Makes 4 dozen)

Fred: Inter Boys DH

Posted Friday, June 29th, 2012 by

One can hear Fred’s accent from afar, encouraging his charge of campers and counselors alike.  A third year veteran, he knows the drill of Weequahic. He is excited to impart his infectious enthusiasm for camp-life in his new leadership role this summer. Having instructed tennis then sailing, he knows what it takes to inspire and motivate campers, and he is determined to ensure that his group of Inters have the most enjoyable summer possible. Fred just adores his job- he will no doubt exceed his goal! Born and raised in Luxembourg, Fred returns to camp while pursuing a Master’s Degree in Engineering where he hopes to work on solutions for developing countries’ water problems. Some interesting facts about Fred are that he speaks four languages, enjoys traveling, cooking, and watching sports, especially Cricket.

Meet Dana, Our Inter Girls Division Head

Posted Thursday, June 28th, 2012 by

Dana first arrived at Weequahic two years ago for a three-week position as a camp nanny. Though bitten by the CW bug, she took time off last summer to plan her beautiful wedding. Lucky for us, she is back this season, in a new and exciting role. A gifted and natural leader, Dana brings her love of children and sense of optimism, hoping to create a lasting impact upon her campers. As an experienced 6th grade literature teacher in Atlanta, GA, she also demonstrates patience, encouragement and the belief that any goal is achievable.  For those who are curious about her boundless spirit and good cheer, she admits the kids keep her young and energized. Her favorite aspect of camp is bonding with the girls in the evening, catching up on their day’s events and activities while helping them to see the positivity in everything. Dana hopes that when the campers reflect upon their summer, they will say that someone genuinely cared about them and that they had a fantastic time. Dana’s other interests are music, reading and running.

Are You Ready for Camp?

Posted Friday, June 22nd, 2012 by

Are You Ready for Camp?

The bags are sent.  Your alarm is set. The buses are ready.  The staff is excited.  But are you ready for the summer of 2012?  You are if…

*You’ve set your ringtone to a favorite camp song.
*For the past several days, you’ve started every sentence with, “This year at camp…” or “When I get to camp…”
*You find yourself humming your camp alma mater.
*You’ve been earmarking songs on the radio as this year’s “camp song” between you and camp friends.
*You’re already allocating your day according to the daily camp schedule.
*You can almost taste your favorite camp meal.
*You got excited about the waterfront while packing your bathing suit.
*You’ve already started thinking about which Tribal team you want to be on and who the officers will be.
*You have designated arts and crafts days at home.
*You haven’t worn an item of clothing that doesn’t have the camp logo on it in at least a week.
*You’ve found yourself looking at last year’s photos or the camp video while imagining poses for this year.
*You’ve been practicing your theater show audition in the mirror.
*You’ve been online reading Facebook, Twitter, and the camp blogs all week scouring for any and all information about what awaits for the summer of 2012.
*You are reading this blog right now because it’s the night before camp and you can’t sleep because you are SO excited!

See you tomorrow!  We can’t wait until everyone is here.

Arts & Crafts at Camp Weequahic

Posted Monday, June 18th, 2012 by

It’s nearly time for camp to start, and we’re already hearing from our campers about the projects they hope to do in arts & crafts this year.  Arts & Crafts is always one of the most popular activities at Camp Weequahic.

Arts & Crafts is as synonymous with summer camp as sing-alongs, s’mores, and afternoons swimming in the lake. As Camp Weequahic’s program offerings have grown, so have the ambitions of the programs offered.  Weequahic campers get top notch instruction in jewelry making, drawing, painting, and candle making, among other things.  Of course, classic favorites like tie-dying and beading are still popular as well.

Camp Weequahic’s Arts & Crafts program is increasingly focused on providing campers with opportunities to truly explore creative outlets.  Additionally, we’re focusing more on environmentally friendly crafts featuring recycled supplies such as bottle caps, record albums, gift cards, game pieces, etc.

Camp Weequahic, an all option camp, also provides campers with the opportunity to focus as much of their summer camp experience on Arts & Crafts as they like.  Artistically inclined campers can make their Camp Weequahic session Arts & Crafts focused while those who also enjoy athletics can enhance their summer camping experience with the addition of the occasional Arts & Crafts option.  Camp Weequahic also features a day long opportunity for campers to receive special instruction during the exclusive Wee Excel camp.

It’s Time to Start Thinking About Packing…

Posted Thursday, June 7th, 2012 by

For summer camp parents the arrival of June means it’s time to start thinking about packing.  For first time parents, the task can seem absolutely overwhelming.   How much sunscreen and shampoo do I pack?  Do they really need shinguards?  How many t-shirts are enough?  For seasoned camp parents, packing is a science based on experience.  The art is in packing just enough but not too much or too little…and knowing which items the children have sneaked into their bags to take out and which ones to let go.  Packing properly takes time…and patience.

Camps provide rather comprehensive packing lists.  These should not be disregarded.  They’re compiled by professionals with years of camping experience who have excellent knowledge of what children’s bags need to contain in order for them to arrive prepared for a successful summer at camp.  Also keep in mind when packing that living space is somewhat limited at camp.  Your child will not have his or her own room at summer camp.  He or she will live together with several other campers as well as a couple of counselors. This means that there is not a whole lot of room for “extras” and labeling clothes is important as mix-ups are otherwise bound to happen.  If laundry is your primary concern, rest assured that camp laundry is done at least once per week.  Your child’s counselors and other camp staff will see to it that your child has clean clothes.

Summer camp values also often downplay appearance.  The emphasis of summer camp is on fun, friendship, and safety.  Before the end of the summer, your child will likely get wet, slimed, painted, generally messy, and a host of other cool things that tend to make children laugh and adults cringe.  So keep the really good stuff at home and send clothes that neither you nor they will miss too much if they have to be “retired” at the end of the summer.

It’s important for both new and seasoned camp parents to pay as much attention to the items your child’s camp asks not to bring as those items it asks to bring.  There is a reason your camp requests that certain items not be brought onto campus, whether it’s to help facilitate a specific environment, protect those with allergies, or to avoid other issues not conducive to the spirit of summer camp.  Packing “do not bring” items risks them being lost or confiscated until the end of the summer.  This ultimately causes undo stress on your children.  Alleviating stress that results from the idea of having to leave a beloved item such as a cell phone or notepad at home is typically accomplished by reiterating to children about what they will have at camp as opposed to what they won’t.

By following your camp’s advice and being proactive rather than reactive, packing for camp can be a fun countdown to camp rather than a reactive chore.