Month: September 2012

Camp Weequahic: Preparing Children for a Global Life

The world is shrinking. It’s a line you hear over and over because it’s true. First, steamboats and railroads made it possible to ‘easily’ travel distances once thought unimaginable. Then airlines made it possible to get anywhere within 24 hours. Now, the internet and our smartphones allow us to connect with anyone, anywhere in the world, instantly.

The benefits of this newfound ability to connect immediately will be most fully realized by our young people who are interested in building connections and have some experience in doing so. A summer at Weequahic could hardly be a better place to start.

Children and staff come to Camp Weequahic from twenty eight States and thirteen countries. In fact, our community represented all but one of the continents this summer. (Hopefully, we can find an intrepid penguin to help us round out all seven continents next summer!)

Our campers had the summer of their lives laughing, growing, and learning alongside children with whom they’d never connect and from staff they’d never meet unless at camp. Young people immersed in a wonderfully fun environment are more willing and interested in reaching out to others. In doing so, they begin to build the habits of independence, curiosity, and openness. These are the same skills necessary to be successful in the larger but shrinking world of adults.

If you want your child to learn to connect with others, you’d be hard pressed to find a safer, more inviting place than Camp Weequahic. Our diverse and professional staff help prepare our campers for the larger world in so many fun and exciting ways. Whether through arts, athletics, aquatics or adventure or simply sitting around the campfire, we’ve something for all to enjoy.

Come spend a summer with us and learn to build those much needed real world connections!