Month: September 2015

Camp Weequahic Camp Outs

weequahicblog2We were thrilled to have so many campers enjoy a night sleeping outside this past summer. Our head of the Forest, the unforgettable and aptly named Forrest, let trips of campers of all ages and their staff out into the woods for a wonderful evening and morning in nature.

While our campouts take place on Camp Weequahic’s property, our camp ring is way back in the woods. A couple of times each week, campers loaded with sleeping bags, tents, and supplies hiked the 15 minutes from Main Camp to their overnight adventure.

Forrest quickly helps everyone get settled and then directs the placement of tents and collection of firewood. After some fun campfire games lead by Forrest or our Head of Outdoor Adventure, Danny, the kids all have some time to share their experiences with their friends.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 2.43.26 PMFlashlights and campfires are extinguished and the kids quiet down, falling asleep in their tents while listening to the sounds of the forest. The next morning, the campers clean up their campsite, pack up their gear and hike back to camp in time for breakfast.

It’s touching to see so many kids (and some staff) return to camp after their first ever campout. It is a memory built at camp alongside friends from all over the country and world. It’s an experience they won’t soon forget and one that will keep them smiling for months to come.

We look forward to helping our campers continue their exploration of nature each summer!

Birthdays at Camp Weequahic

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 12.35.45 PMWhat could be better than celebrating your birthday with your closest friends and amazing mentors? Campers and staff whose birthdays fall during their stay at Camp Weequahic have an amazing day from start to finish.

The day starts with a phone call home. Parents simply need to call our office to set up a time to speak with their camper at a time convenient for both which is normally at breakfast. Plus, it starts everyone’s day off with smiles.

At breakfast, our birthday camper gets the safety neon green birthday shirt to wear in addition to a sharpie for their friends to sign the shirt. Following breakfast and morning clean up (which everyone has to do, whether it’s your birthday or not), our birthday people get to come forward and raise the flag at the end of our morning meeting.

The birthday celebrations come to a crescendo at dinner and evening meeting. Near the end of dinner, our birthday friend is invited forward to stand on a chair in front of the entire camp. Director Cole leads them through some fun questions and then helps direct a camp-wide rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ while a homemade birthday cake is presented, candles and all.

Once the cake has been shared with our birthday camper’s bunkmates, everyone heads to Free Play and our evening Flagpole. This is when things get a little goofy. With the entire camp cheering them on, our birthday friends are challenged to catch a frosted cupcake… that is launched about 100’ in the air with a slingshot! Everyone gets three attempts and, if desired, can call on friends to help.

It’s a wonderful thing to have a birthday at camp. We do our best to help each birthday person enjoy a number of fun (and delicious) memories!

Home Visits before Camp

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 12.32.39 PMDuring the school year, there is no better way to learn about camp than to have a home visit with our camp director, Cole Kelly. These roughly one hour gatherings give each family time to ask any and all questions they have about the camp, learn more about the overall program, and see pictures of our campers’ daily lives.

The goal of each visit is to build a connection between your family and camp. We are going to be caring for your camper for three or six weeks. Therefore, it is vitally important that each family feel comfortable with Cole as he sets the tone, oversees all staff hiring, and is an integral part in each camper’s experience. And, when parents call during the summer, Cole will be the person calling them back to answer questions.

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 12.33.21 PMAnother reason for the home visit is answer all the questions that arise. What is the daily program like? How do you select, hire and train your staff? What are the campers in my child’s age group like? These questions, and many more, are asked in the comfort of your own home and with (or without) your camper present.

If you are interested in learning more about CW, please call us to speak. If after learning more you’d like a home visit, we’ll be happy to schedule a time when Cole and stop by to learn more about your family.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!