Flowers and Friendship

Hello all! It’s a chilly afternoon in Georgia and an evenly cooler up at our beloved Sly Lake. While I do enjoy the changing leaves, I must admit that I miss the flowers of summer. (Almost as much as I miss you kiddos!)

Did you know, however, that there are a few plants that bloom in the winter? It’s true.  My favorite is the aptly named Snowdrop. It’s a pretty little flower that blooms from Maine to Florida in the winters.

Why am I thinking about flowers at this time of year? A couple of reasons. First, flowers bring a bit of color to the normally cooler, darker days of Autumn. Second, they remind me that the light and warmth of Spring is not too far off. And, third, they bring some fresh air to the surroundings.

You know what else will bring these great benefits? Your friends.

Friendship and Flowers

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. – M. Proust

When you think back on your summer days at Weequahic, I’m certain you think of your friends first. Yes, the rock wall is great, the lake amazing, and Canteen a complete treat. But none of that really matters without your buddies.

As a father of three campers, I can honestly tell you our boys’ closest friendships in the world are those they’ve built at camp. And, as a camp director who witnesses tears from just about everyone the last night camp… well, I’m certain my boys have plenty of company in that regard.

The question is then, how do you express your gratitude? I’m not suggesting you call up you camp friend and say, ‘Hey, I was just calling to say that I’m really grateful for our friendship.’

Well, ok… sure, you can do just that. However, I don’t know a lot of 10 to 44 year old boys who feel comfortable expressing themselves or receiving that message well.

Actually, I think Maya Angelou said it best when she counseled us to give cheerfully and receive gratefully. When you call on the phone, send a text, or – gasp! – write a letter, give yourself cheerfully to your buddy. When you receive a note from them, treat it with gratitude.

It’s a little thing. But, as we talked about a few weeks back, little things add up very quickly, especially in a friendship.

A Grate-Full Month

It’s the Thanksgiving month in the States and, yes, my thoughts will certainly lean that way all month in these Campfire talks. I’m grateful to have a way to express my thoughts to you and hope they are useful.

Yes, I’m giving cheerfully. I really enjoy thinking about camp, our campers, and the humans they are becoming. It’s a great part of each week for me.

For the week ahead, think of the friends, family members, and mentors in your life who help you bloom. Receive their gifts gratefully