The First Day of Camp

Believe it or not, we are already planning our first day of camp this summer. Yes, even in the midst of a rainy and cool spring, we are thinking about every aspect of our campers’ first few hours at Weequahic.

Think about your own experiences with first impressions. They are important, right? Malcolm Gladwell, in his wonderfully thoughtful Blink, demonstrates the awesome power of first experiences with art, music, friends, and more. We want to do everything we can to make that first impression a fantastic one!

Before Campers Get on the Bus

Isn’t it nice to walk into your room, find your bed made, clothes neatly put away, and huge signs saying “Welcome!” We think it is and know, from experience, our campers like it, too!

Parents help us start camp by sending their child’s clothing and bedding to Weequahic 10 days before camp starts. Camp Trucking makes this very easy for our families. Some families in the local area will even drive the bags up to camp.

Our counselors unpack every kid in our Junior and Inter (rising 2nd through 8th graders) divisions before they arrive, tucking things neatly away into each child’s cubbies. We make their beds, which we’ve arranged specifically. Then, we make the cabin look fun and inviting for each camper.

By the time our counselors have finished these tasks, they cannot wait to see the kids!

Getting to Camp – By Land or Air

The vast majority of our campers arrive to Weequahic by bus. It’s a great way to start the experience. In fact, we always say camp starts as soon as you get on the bus!

Several of our counselors travel to our pick up areas to meet our campers and their families. They’ll be wearing our Weequahic staff shirts and will be greeting you with enormous smiles. Our counselors will be there to help campers find their pre-assigned seats on the bus.

Yes, that’s right – I assign our campers’ seats on the bus or plane. I’m not a big fan of the ‘where am I supposed to go’ feeling, especially when setting up a great experience for children. I simply find this kind of direction makes for a more comfortable start to camp.

Campers sit by age group so that new campers will have a chance to meet other campers of the same age immediately. We also place our counselors throughout the bus in order to make sure everyone is doing well. The bus will be full of songs, laughter, and even a few minutes of the camp video just before the kids arrive at Weequahic.

Arriving at Camp

Once the doors open, our counselors, having just finished a nine day orientation, are excitedly waiting to greet the kids. Campers are directed to their bunk counselors who are holding big signs with their names and bunk numbers. I’ll be at the door of each bus as it arrives as well, happily greeting each one of our campers to Weequahic.

We’ll get the kids organized by bunk in our picnic area, check them into camp, and whisk them to their bunks. Once they’ve had a chance to put their bus bags down, we head right back out for lunch or snack, depending on when they arrive, and for some fun activities that afternoon.

Our office team will be calling home to let our parents know about the bus arrivals and we’ll begin posting pictures immediately. (Hey, we know it’s stressful on the parents as well!)

We’ll enjoy some tours of camp, special activities, and a good bit of bunk bonding time. The evening is set up as a huge welcome to everyone at camp as a whole. We introduce all of the top program and bunk staff and have a great evening together. Then, we are back to our bunks for our first night at camp.

I’ll visit each bunk of boys that night to spend some time and start our tradition of ‘Two Happies.’ Kate and our female leadership will do the same on girl’s side.

Then, it’s lights out (though a light stays on in the bathroom….) The excitement around camp is palpable. The kids are excited about what their first full day of activities will hold. The staff members are thrilled to meet their new charges and start building an incredible bunk community. The directors are happy to finally be done with all the planning and ready to start camp.

The first day at camp is an important one and we do our best to make it exciting, warm, and inviting. We hope you and your camper enjoys it!

Can’t wait for camp,


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