The Weequahic Experience

Here's How It Works

  • You must be currently enrolled in a University, College or Technical School.
  • You must contact your college advisor in advance and ask them if you can use your summer camp job as a practicum, internship or other course credits.
  • Our Program Director will be your field supervisor and oversee your onsite course work.
  • You must complete the course, practicum or internship per your college’s parameters and complete your summer employment.

Please email with further questions.

What is a Specialist Counselor?

All counselors at Camp Weequahic are specialty counselors. They serve in a dual role both living with campers in a bunk and teaching or coaching in a specific activity area. Specialty counselors are highly skilled in a specific activity or activities. They are most often assigned to be in charge of instruction of those specific activities during a normal camp day. Certain specialty counselors may also be designated as being the "head" of a specific activity, which means they in charge of organizing and supervising all specialty counselors working in that area.