What to Bring

Staff Packing List

Download PDF of Staff Packing List


  • 7 Camp Weequahic Staff Shirts (Provided)
  • 7 Pairs of Athletic Shorts
  • 2 Sweaters / Flannel Shirts / Jumpers
  • 10+ Pairs of Underwear
  • 10+ Pairs of Socks
  • 1 Watch with an Alarm
  • 1 Raincoat
  • 2 Pairs of Sneakers/Trainers
  • 1 Laundry Bag
  • 1 Flashlight
  • 1 Water Bottle
  • 1 Sunscreen
  • 1 Pair of Beach Shoes / Sandals with Back Strap
  • 1 Pair of Flip Flops / Thongs / Shower Shoes
  • 2 Pairs of Warm Sleepwear
  • 2 Bathing Suits (One Piece or Tankini - No Bikinis or Male Speedos)
  • 3 Pairs of Jeans / Pants / Sweatpants
  • 5-8 T-Shirts (knit or cotton)

Domestic Staff

  • 1 Blanket
  • 1 Pillow
  • 2 Sets of Twin Sheets
  • 2-3 Bath Towels
  • 1-2 Beach Towels

International Staff

If you are arriving for Pre-Camp you may want a few extra t-shirts for painting and getting dirty, and please bring some warm clothes (sweat pants and jumper). Camp linens will be provided to internationals but you may want to bring your own towels. We will provide a trip to the store for other items within the first few days of camp.

And it might be fun to bring something from your home country like a flag, button, rugby ball etc.

Theater Arts & Crafts Counselors

You may want a few extra clothes for painting and getting dirty.


Two red bathing suits (one piece for girls), towels, flip flops & sunglasses


Costumes for themed nights:
Twin Dinner, Super Silly Socks, Celebrity Dinner, Halloween, July 4th (Red, White and Blue)

Rain boots or hiking boots

Cleats for staff soccer matches

Old iPod / MP3 for music (nothing with a screen)
Portable phone charger
No Apple or Smart Watches