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Camp Weequahic is a two-, three- or six-week sleep-away camp for girls and boys located in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Since 1953, Weequahic has hosted campers and staff from all over the US and larger world. 

What makes our summer camp unique? Our values of practicing gratitude, choosing our attitude and building courage help our campers find their best selves. Our choice-based program, combined with deep traditions and amazing evening activities keep our campers engaged and excited. Our hand-picked staff help create a community that has everyone wanting to return each summer. And, our beautiful location with its huge lake, ample athletic and arts facilities and ‘camp-comfortable’ cabins is the perfect setting for a wonderful summer.  

We hope you’ll enjoy learning more about us. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 570-798-2716, or send a message if we can be helpful. Can’t wait for camp, 

Cole Kelly, Director of Camp Weequahic in Pennsylvania

Cole Kelly, Owner/Director