First Time Campers

How Do You Say ‘Weequahic’?

We pronounce it
so that it rhymes with ‘mosaic.’

Hard to say,  easy to love!

Spirit of summer camp in Pennsylvania
First time summer campers in bunk

Besides the safety of our campers and staff, the most important aspect of camp is building a strong connection between each of the kids. It all starts with getting to know camp. It all starts with a…


Yes, we have a nice website and you can learn a lot here. However, the website is not setting the tone for camp, hiring the staff, or putting an arm around a camper needing some attention. That’s what Cole, Kate, Sue and everyone else does at Weequahic.

Please give us a call at 570.798.2716 to discuss what’s most important to you. Once we’ve had a chance to talk, we’ll set up home visit in order to learn more and see how we can help.

First time camper at Weequahic

Home Visit with Cole

Because a strong connection to the community is so important, Director Cole travels the country (and larger world) meeting almost every family interested in learning more about Weequahic. (He does a lot of virtual visits, too!) Cole will answer questions, learn about your family, and help you decide if Weequahic is the right fit for you.

Schedule a Home Visit
Cole Kelly, Director of Camp Weequahic in Pennsylvania

If you feel Weequahic will be the best spot for you and your child, we will do our best to make the joining the Weequahic family as easy as possible. 

For first-time campers, that means…

  • Connecting with other campers in your area with our Weequahic Winter Gatherings. It’s a great way for new and returning campers to get to know each other. These events happen in the New York Tristate area, Washington, DC and south Florida. *These will most likely occur at open-air locations later in the Spring of ’22.
  • We connect new campers with other new campers before camp so they can make a new friend quickly.
  • As campers head to Weequahic, we assign seats on the bus so that new campers sit with other new kids and introductions are made.
  • Parents will send their children’s bags to camp before their arrival. We unpack everything and even make their bed before the bus arrives. We want that first day to be easy!
  • Speaking of the bunks, our new campers live with other new campers their same gender, age, and session. Everyone will be starting on the same page – wanting to make a new friend!

For first-time parents, this means…

  • As much communication as you would like via phone and email with Cole or anyone else on our team that you might find helpful. 
  • A conversation with our Parent Liaison, Leigh Laughlin, on the packing list and how best to prepare your child (and yourself) for the coming summer. 
  • Streamlined and thorough forms and checklists
  • A scheduled call with your child’s Division Head a week or so prior to the start of your child’s camp experience. 
  • A phone call when your camper’s bus arrives at camp. Director Cole will call you again on the 4th day of camp. And the phone lines will be open to you whenever you’d like to chat!
Camp Mom Judy

Camp Mom Judy

In addition to the wonderful counselors chosen specifically for your child’s bunk, the Division Heads trained personally by both Kate and Cole, and tremendous Program Head Staff who will oversee your child’s daily program, we also have a ‘missing home’ secret weapon: Camp Mom Judy.

CMJ will start her 23rd summer at Weequahic for Summer 2021. A mom of four and school teacher during the year, no one has more experience comforting campers at Weequahic than CMJ. Want to take a walk and talk? She’s happy to join you. Need a little TLC at tuck-in? CMJ can’t wait. 

CMJ, a constant presence at Weequahic, supports our campers and staff in the quest to create amazing.