A Day in the Life

You won’t know what age group (Juniors, Jinters, Inters, Seniors) you will be living with until we go through staff training week together, but this schedule will give you an idea of a typical program day.

We have rotating A and B program days that usually go in 3 day cycles and then we flip to a ‘special event’ or ‘trip day.’ On those days you will not be teaching in your program area. It is a break from the normal routine and a great opportunity to build community with your bunk. You may find yourself on a trip to ride the roller coasters at Dorney Park, white water rafting, or helping your team have a fun day during their special event, “Renegade Day” or “Chili Cook – Off.”

A Day in the life of summer camp staff

The camp day is a little different based on whether you are a support and operations staff member or a counselor. Lets check out what a counselor’s day is like. Click through the sample schedule to learn more:

  Juniors & J-Inters Inters & Seniors
8:00am Revielle & Wake-up Sleep
8:15am Breakfast
8:30am Wake-up
8:45am Cabin Clean-up Breakfast
9:25am Morning Flagpole
9:35am Period 1: WEE Excel
10:25am WEE Snack
10:35am Period 2: WEE Excel
11:35am Period 3: WEE Explore
12:25pm Lunch Cabin Clean-up
1:00pm Rest Hour Lunch
1:30pm Rest Hour
2:10pm Period 4: WEE Excel
3:00pm Moo Call
3:15pm Period 5: WEE Excel
4:15pm Period 6: WEE Explore
5:00pm Shower Hour Free Play & Senior Splash
6:10pm Dinner Shower Hour
6:45pm Free Play Dinner
7:10pm Free Play
7:30pm Flagpole
7:45pm Evening Activities
9:15pm Taps

Support and Operations Staff

(Nurses, Kitchen, Maintenance, Cleaning, Security, Front Gate Greeters, Bus Drivers and Office Staff)

The job that each of you play at camp is absolutely critical. However, your day is much different than our counselors. Please get in touch with us and we will walk you through your typical day!