Schedule a Home Visit

The best way to learn more about Weequahic in the ‘off-season’ is to schedule a virtual or home visit with our director, Cole Kelly.

Normally lasting one hour, Cole will spend time learning more about your family and answering all the questions you can think of (along with a few you might not think to ask!) You’ll get a chance to learn more about our unique choice-based, tradition rich camp, see a bunch of pictures from the summer, and learn more about what makes Weequahic tick. 

In the end, you’ll have all the information you need to make the important decision of which camp to choose.

Please do not hesitate to call if you would like to schedule a home visit for Fall 2024:

  • NY Tri-State Area Sept 30th-Oct 2nd
  • New York City October 15th
  • Philadelphia October 17th
  • Virginia & Maryland October 18th-19th
  • NY Tri-State Area Oct 22nd-26th
  • South Florida Nov 1st-2nd
  • Philadelphia Nov 4th-5th
  • Virginia & Maryland Nov 11th-12th
  • NY Tri-State Area Nov 18th-21st
  • South Florida Dec 2nd-4th

If you’d like to schedule a virtual or home visit, please call us at 570.798.2716 or email Cole. He’ll be happy to get to know more about your family and the type of experience you want for your child. If, after speaking with Cole, you feel a face-to-face visit would be useful, we’ll schedule a time to make it happen.