Internships & College Credit

Here’s How It Works

  • You must be currently enrolled in a University, College or Technical School.
  • You must contact your college advisor in advance and ask them if you can use your summer camp job as a practicum, internship or other course credits.
  • Our Program Director will be your field supervisor and oversee your onsite course work.
  • You must complete the course, practicum or internship per your college’s parameters and complete your summer employment.

Please email [email protected] with further questions.

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Paid Internships at Camp Weequahic

“If companies should be hiring anyone, it should be camp counselors. Camp counselors are arguably some of the most patient, caring, hard-working individuals out there, and companies would be lucky to have them on their staff”
–Mark Weller, LinkedIn

Four Reasons to be a Paid Intern at Weequahic

  1. Summer camp jobs help improve interpersonal skills and allow you to form close relationships.

    In the unplugged culture at Camp Weequahic, staff build their emotional intelligence (EQ), or their face-to-face communication and relationship skills.

    What makes up your EQ?
    Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Management.

    Why does EQ matter?
    “In a …study of 515 senior executives, emotional intelligence was a better predictor of success than either relevant previous experience or high IQ” –Forbes, “Look for employees with high EQ over IQ”

  2. Camp counselors experience character growth and develop professional skills.

    Camp Weequahic staff learn grit, perserverance, adaptability, problem-solving and decision making skills and team work.

    “A profound gap exists between the knowledge skills most students learn in school and the knowledge and skills that they need for success in their communities and workplaces” –Partnership for 21st Century Skills

  3. Summer camp jobs allow you to discover your purpose and develop your best self.

    Camp Weequahic offers staff the chance to step back from the competitive, over-scheduled treadmill of life and academics, and re-discover what is really important to them. You Will discover what it means to be a servant leader and focus yourself on others through gratitude, a positive attitude, courage and kindness.

  4. Camp counselors are presented with hands-on opportunities to delegate, inspire, innovate, and engage.

    You will motivate and manage over 30 campers daily giving you an authentic leadership experience that requires patience, resourcefulness, and work ethic.

Benefits to Interning at Weequahic

Diverse international summer camp staff

Campers and counselors hail from over 20 countries!

Summer camp in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania

Live in the scenic Pocono mountains! Room, board, laundry, and staff shirts on us!

Paid internship at summer camp

Generally speaking, paid interns have a greater chance of being hired than unpaid interns!

How to Land the Internship of a Lifetime:

Complete the online application. Connect with the head of your department at school to make sure this internship will meet your school’s requirements. Reach out to a member of our staffing team with any questions.

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