Month: July 2012

A Camper’s Experience by Baily B.

I’m 14 years old, and I’ve been at Camp Weequahic for two summers.  My first year,I signed up for three weeks, but I fell in love with the camp and, at the end of the first session, decided to stay six weeks.  I spent some time with my parents, but when I came back I felt as if I was coming home.  All the people in my first session bunk only stayed three weeks, so for the second session I moved into a bunk of kids who had been here for years.  I was kind of nervous about moving into a bunk of people who’d known each other for so long, but by the end of the summer I grew close with my bunk.  This year, I’ve come back to great friends and my home away from home.

Dance at Camp Weequahic

Dance has become such a popular activity that campers are increasingly seeking dance camp experiences.  Some Weequahic campers are serious dancers while others just want to take the opportunity during the summer to improve their skills.  Camp Weequahic’s dance team also competes in Wayne County dance camp competitions.  Most children say that it’s easier to try something that might be difficult when they’re in a place where they feel like they can be themselves, and many like to explore dance during summer camp because they find the fun, accepting environment easier to endure the bumps that inevitably come with learning new things.

Not every camper who enjoys Dance at Camp Weequahic is an aspiring dancing star, however  Many venture into dance for the first time because they’re curious to learn the latest moves, and their enthusiasm grows when they find those moves come in handy during camp shows and special activities.

Dance is popular because it’s a fun activity that everyone can enjoy.   All choice camps like Camp Weequahic give campers an opportunity to make almost their entire camp experience a dance one or to just learn a few new steps and tricks here and there.