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Our Home Away From Home

home away from home

I believe it is safe to say that coming to Camp Weequahic is a once in a lifetime opportunity that not many kids get to experience. But what makes this particular camp so special to the hundreds of campers that have come here over the years? Let’s ask some of our campers!

Camp: “Lola, is this your first summer here at Camp Weequahic?”

Lola H. (Junior Division): “Yes!”

Camp: “We are so glad to have you! What has been your favorite part of camp?”

Lola: “I love gymnastics. The counselors there are so great and I have learned so much.”

Camp: “What is one thing you look forward to when you wake up every morning?”

Lola: “I had never tried Ceramics before I came to camp and now it’s the first thing I think about when I get up!”

Camp: “That is so great to hear, Lola! Last, but not least, who would you like to thank for this experience?”

Lola: “I’d like to say, ‘Thank you so much to my mom, dad and all of my counselors.’

Camp: “Thank you so much Lola! Charlie, since you’ve been to camp before what has been the reason you return every summer?”

Charlie W. (Jinter Division): “I’ve made so many friends during the years I’ve been here and I love coming back and seeing them again.”

Camp: “That’s wonderful, Charlie. What is something you look forward to when you wake up in the morning?”

Charlie: “The weather here is beautiful so I’d have to say that the weather is something I really look forward to.”

Camp: “You are absolutely right. The weather here is amazing. Lastly, what is one thing you’ve learned this summer and who would you like to thank for this experience?”

Charlie: “Here at camp I’ve learned that friendships are one of the most important things and I’d like to thank Cole, Kate and my parents for sending me here.”

Camp: “Thank you so much for your answers, Charlie! Roxy, I know this is your first summer here at Weequahic, so what has been your favorite part?”

Roxy A. (Inter Division): “I love all of the arts here. There are so many different art activities to choose from and I haven’t found a single one I haven’t enjoyed!”

Camp: “Our Arts department is pretty amazing isn’t it?! So, what do you look forward to when you wake up every morning and what is something you’ve learned this summer?”

Roxy: “I always look forward to playing tennis, and I agree with Charlie that friends are one of the most important things.”

Camp: “I think you are absolutely right Roxy. Lastly, who would you like to thank for this experience?”

Roxy: “I’d like to thank all the counselors for their hard work. They are all so great and I’m really going to miss them.”

Camp: “Thank you so much Roxy! Alright Matt, since you’ve been at camp for a few years now what is the reason you’ve kept coming back?”

Matt V. (Senior Division): “Spending the summer with all my bunkmates and friends is something I always look forward to.”

Camp: “That’s great! What is something you look forward to when you wake up every morning?”

Matt: “The best part about waking up in the morning is that every day is a new day.”

Camp: “I think that is a great point! What’s one thing you’ve learned this summer and who would you like to thank for this experience?”

Matt: “I’ve learned that it is super important to remember to respect all of the counselors and staff and I’d like to thank one of my good friends because we both started camp the same summer and have both come back every summer since then.”

Camp: “It is wonderful to hear that you both have gotten to have this experience together. Thank you so much, Matt. Last, but certainly not least, Dylan, what has brought you back to Camp Weequahic every summer?”

Dylan K. (CIT): “The friendships I’ve made here are really special to me and I know we will stay friends for a long time.”

Camp: “What is one thing you look forward to when you wake up every morning?”

Dylan: “As a CIT I look forward to being a role model for all the younger campers.”

Camp: “That is wonderful to hear, Dylan. Tell me one thing you have learned this summer and who you would like to thank for this experience.”

Dylan: “I’ve learned that anyone can be a leader and also that you don’t have to have the loudest voice in order to be a good one. As far as people I’d like to thank, there have been so many outlets of inspiration this summer I couldn’t even begin to name everyone, so thank you to everyone!”

Before we say goodbye, CW would like to leave you with one last message:

Dear Weequahic Family,

It has been an amazing three weeks full of laughter, fun, bonding and learning. After interviewing some of our campers, it was easy to see that this camp is very special. Without this group of amazing campers, counselors and staff there wouldn’t be a Camp Weequahic. All of us here on staff would like to say thank you so much for sending your children here. It has been our pleasure to make their summer one full of great memories and friendships. We hope to see everyone back next year and wish everyone all the best in the year to come.

With GAC,

Camp Weequahic

Camp Weequahic: Through the Years

image1 (1)It is mind boggling yet incredible to think that Camp Weequahic has been around for more than 60 years. Although many aspects of camp have changed throughout the years, so much of Weequahic’s tradition has been preserved.

Our very own Camp Mom Judy (CMJ) began her journey here back in 1999 and has been with us ever since. I spoke with her to get a picture of what camp looked like 16 years ago. CW used to be an 8 week camp and today it is separated into two 3 week sessions or one Super Six session.

“Now that we have a shorter time period with most of our campers, every minute counts,” says CMJ.

Our Directors and Programming Heads really understand the importance of time and make sure that every minute of every day is jam packed with activities. Our Community Service program, for example, allows Senior campers to create environmental friendly projects such as Water Bottle Wednesday.

Since we now have a choice program, campers get to pick activities and create their own schedules. This ensures that everyone gets to participate in things they like and are comfortable doing.

The Weequahic program has evolved from a ‘bunk activity’ plan in which each camper was scheduled by camp without any choice to a structured choice format that allows kids to have a say in their activities but enjoy them with other children their same age and gender.

It is also important to get to know people outside of your bunk which is very easy to do when you have so many activities with different people every day. During evening activities, Tribals and Olympics every camper is encouraged to participate. This ensures that every camper tries an activity they may not normally think of doing.

“A variety of skills are acquired because camp is the only place you might ever get to learn how to canoe, build a bird house or start a fire,” says CMJ. With over 60 different activities and many incredible teachers, the skill learning abounds!

Special Event Days and division trips have been a part of CW for a long time, however, campers today get to go to new and exciting places such as amusement parks and baseball games. Our CIT program is also something that has been around for a long time and is unique to this community. Campers-In-Transition take trips to surrounding cities and get to see different universities and colleges, serve as apprentice counselors in specific areas, are provided training in group leadership and dynamics, and given many opportunities to lead at camp.

Even though Camp Weequahic has changed since its birth in 1953, many of its traditions and core values have stuck. Our mission to maintain happy and healthy campers and to create a unique environment where everyone is exposed to a variety of activities and experiences remains the same.

What Does the Fourth of July Mean at Camp Weequahic?


As we all know, the Fourth of July is a national holiday that celebrates the birth of the United States as an independent nation. But what does the Fourth mean at Camp Weequahic? For us, this day celebrates each camper as an independent and unique person. We celebrate the freedom everyone is given to select activities they want to participate in; the opportunity to choose what kind of person they want to be when they wake up every morning. It is a time to celebrate the growth of each and every camper and staff member. Here at Weequahic we strive to always show gratitude, a positive attitude, and courage in every situation. The Fourth of July is the perfect time to celebrate the gratitude this community has shown towards each other. It is a time to acknowledge the positive attitudes we have all demonstrated. It is a time to remember the courage we have each displayed in difficult or trying situations. Here at Camp Weequahic we love the Fourth of July because it is about so much more than the birth of the United States as an independent nation. It is about the birth of the Weequahic community and the campers and staff members that have been molded into the best versions of themselves during their time here.