Things You Can Only Do at Camp

Things You Can Only Do At Camp

As I sit looking over the pictures of Summer 2012, I was struck by how many things you only do at camp. The list is long and full of things that make you laugh and things that make you think. Campers, if I leave anything out, please let me know!

Only at Weequahic…

•             Is racing with a bed in hand a serious sport.

•             MAKING the bed, hands clasped with a ‘sister’ a timed and valued activity.

•             Is Bench ball played, and played well!

•             Does anyone know what BBG means but also knows how to play it!

•             Do you find a Camp Mom without any ‘real’ children as campers at camp

•             Do you play underneath an American flag so old that it has only 48 stars.

•             Are you a part of  Tribe or Team at the end of the session where you add value, regardless of your strengths and challenges

•             Do you spend a Friday night thinking about gratitude, attitude, and courage

•             Can you hear cows mooing every day at 2:55pm

•             Can you launch a rocket, play in the lake, compete in a soccer game, enjoy canteen, and STILL have time to goof off with your friends.

•             Do you get to enjoy Free Play on Main Campus

•             You listen to nominations from staff of campers who have done awesome things that day before lowering the flag

•             Do you sing Taps and Alma Mater while facing the lake, regardless of where you are on camp

•             Are 13-16 year old guys clamoring for a handball team tournament under the lights

•             Where you get to hang out with friends 50 feet off the ground

There are so many wonderful things you get to do only at Weequahic, and the above list is just a start. Campers and staff, let us hear from you about what we are missing from this list.

Can’t wait to add more to it in Summer 2013!

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