Summer 2021

Covid-19 Preparations for Summer 2021

*As of February 22, 2021

First of all, please know that we at Weequahic will continue to research and learn best practices from the Pennsylvania Department of Health, CDC and OSHA. We will pair this learning with input from Weequahic’s Medical team – made up of MDs and RNs who are also camp parents – the American Camp Association, and our many friends who lead schools, colleges, residential and day camp experiences. 

Camp Weequahic looks forward to welcoming our fantastic staff by June 11, 2021 and our incredible campers on June 26, 2021. The information below will lay out our plans for keeping camp healthy while having a blast.

*Please Note: This plan is ‘living’ document that will change as our understanding increases and the Summer ’21 recommendations from the PA Department of Health develop. The approach below is based on what was asked of camps for Summer 2020. While we hope things will greatly improve for Summer ’21, we’ve created our initial plan on what we know from the past.

Prior to Camp

Campers and staff will be asked to be smart in their connections outside their homes and schools. There should be no trips or situations in which they are in high-transmission settings. We will require all campers and staff to be tested for COVID-19 seven days in advance of arriving to camp, have limited interactions with others outside their school and family, and to fill out a daily health questionnaire.

Camp Arrival

We have not yet decided if we will bring campers to Weequahic by bus or by parent drop-off. This will be decided and communicated by April 15, 2021.

Testing at Camp

Regardless of how our campers or staff arrive, in addition to a full health screening, we plan to administer a COVID-19 test for each upon their arrival to camp. We also plan on testing our campers and staff seven days into each of our three-week sessions. Our Super Six campers will be tested on the first day and seven days into camp. They will also be tested on the 7th day of our Olympic session.

Camper Program

Most likely, our campers will enjoy the first week in a ‘pod’ made up of their bunkmates and staff from both sides of their cabin. Activities will be varied and the vast majority enjoyed in open-air or outdoor situations. We plan to have all campers and staff masked during the program day when appropriate (the exceptions being water and high-energy athletic activities) and in any situation that will not allow for physical distancing between pods. 

We will very likely not allow any ‘off-camp’ trips this summer though we are exploring options to ‘take over’ a spot or two to allow our kids to have some fun off camp. At this time, we do not expect to compete with our friends in the Wayne County Camp Alliance. 


At this time, we expect our campers and staff to remain in their bunk ‘pods’ for the first week of each session. When with only their pod, campers and staff will not need to mask. When mixing with campers or staff outside of their pod, masks will be required. It is our hope that we’ll be Covid-free following a PCR test taken by all members of the community six days into each session. Should this be the case, we will no longer require masks while on camp.

Our Staff

At this point, we plan on creating a ‘camp bubble’ for our staff this summer. Staff will arrive by June 11th and remain only with other Camp Weequahic staff and campers until their departure. We will create a wide variety of experiences and places on camp for our staff time-off enjoyment.

All Clear

When we have three ‘negative’ test results from each camper and staff member, we will ‘open’ camp to our normal choice-based program. Our Super Six kids will move back into the ‘pod’ system for the first week of our Olympic (second) session and will be tested again after 7 days of that session.

Healthcare at Weequahic

Camp Weequahic is fortunate to have multiple doctors and RNs who will help us through the summer. We will always have a physician on property along with at least four RNs and two healthcare assistants. We have developed plans for medicine delivery and healthcare triage outside of our Health Center.

On a daily basis, campers and staff will complete a health questionnaire and have their temperature taken each morning. Hand washing will be performed often and thoroughly before and after each meal and throughout the day. We have designated space for quarantine should the need arise. If a child or staff member tests positive for COVID-19, they will be sent home to quarantine and retest. They may return to camp after the time prescribed by the CDC. We will remain in constant contact with Wayne County Memorial Hospital and the local office of the PA Department of Health throughout the summer.


The American Camp Association has worked closely with the Centers for Disease Control and the US government regarding vaccine access for people who work with children in after school settings. This will allow summer camp staff to receive a Covid vaccine once each state moves to the Phase 1B aspect of their vaccine rollout. While the vaccine will be available, it is not at this time a requirement for our staff to receive the vaccine prior to camp.

Ongoing Camp Daily Precautions
  • Masks for all campers and staff when in program or in situations when pods cannot remain physically distanced.
  • We have arranged for a number of large tents to be erected at camp to help create outdoor dining and activity space for our campers and staff.
  • Daily Cleaning has been increased and the necessary supplies are already available at camp.
  • We’ve increased airflow in each bunk by installing attic fans. With our screened windows, we can create a constant influx of fresh air into each bunk throughout the day and night.
  • Testing will continue to improve as we move closer to camp. We will provide more information on pre- and during camp testing plan in May, 2021.
  • Meals will be prepared and served individually with disposable utensils and single-serve condiments. Water will continue to be plentiful around camp with disposable cups rather than water fountains. We plan on having two Dining Halls this summer – one outside under a large open air tent and the other inside our normal facility.
  • Campers and staff will complete a health questionnaire and have their temperature taking each morning.
Visiting Day

While we LOVE to see our parents and siblings and grandparents, odds are we will not host a Visiting Day this summer. In lieu of physical Visiting Day, we plan on offering a Virtual Visiting Day for our Super Six campers and their loved ones back home. We will provide more details on this as we move closer to the summer. Our Tribal and Olympic session campers will not get to enjoy a Visiting Day this summer but will instead head home by bus on the morning of their last day of camp.

What If….

There are simply too many ‘what if’ scenarios to go through here. That said, we’ve got a long list in our office with answers next to each one. 

One thing we can offer here: Camp Weequahic will over-communicate and provide complete transparency this summer. All camp parents will have both our ‘day time’ and Director Cole’s ‘after-hours’ phone number. We’ll be available whenever needed. 

Speaking of which, if you’d like to learn more about how Camp Weequahic will approach the coming summer, please don’t hesitate to call us at 570.798.2716. 

*This was first published on November 15, 2020. We plan on updating this information by the middle of each month going forward.