You’re Hired…Now What?

Your summer adventure begins in a few short weeks, and we can’t wait to welcome you into our camp family! We wanted to tell you a little more about what your first weeks at camp will look like, what to pack, and a few other tips and reminders. We also are including two links for you to fill out. One will be for program specific information, called “Staff Crossover Sheet” – please fill this out if you’re going to be a counselor. The other will give us information about things you like, called “Make My Day” – everyone should fill this out!

The first week after you arrive, we’ll be spending a few days preparing the property and being trained for the first week of activities with campers. Pre-camp is a critical time to set up our program areas and facilities, and we are counting on you to help us get camp in tip-top shape! You may be getting dirty and doing manual labor jobs; you may be asked to paint picnic tables, power wash bunks, rake, move furniture, or sort 500 staff shirts. We will balance the work with getting to know new friends, learning camp games, enjoying treats, and doing fun evening activities. We will be hosting lifeguard, ropes, and boat driver training simultaneously for designated staff.

We will enjoy a relaxing day off starting on the afternoon of June 14th into late morning of June 15th where we get to sleep in, have fun, and make memories on camp. We will start a more traditional staff orientation for all in-bunk counselors on June 16th. The majority of our work will be to impart our culture, build our community, have fun, and give you all the skills and tools you will need to be successful in your camp role. We take our job of preparing you to create amazing very seriously!

Our leadership team will be on site when you arrive to make you feel welcome and guide you throughout our staff training weeks. Upon your arrival we will make you feel welcome, answer questions, and help you settle into your summer home. It may be hard to imagine now, but in a few weeks you will meet people who after two days you feel like you have known your whole life, people who will be in your wedding, and people who you will call for celebration or support when life happens. You are embarking on an adventure that, if you let it, will change your life and, if you do it well, will change the lives of all the people you encounter!

 Your pre-camp timeline is as follows:

  • June 6: Arrival to Camp Weequahic (international counselors and support staff arrive)
  • June 7: Late breakfast, tours of camp, summer job orientation
  • June 8: Pre-camp work begins 
  • June 10: Ropes and Waterfront Counselors and Key Staff arrive
  • June 15: Domestic Counselors Arrive
  • June 16: Counselor Orientation Begins

A few tips:

  • You’ll be getting in late on June 6 or June 10 if you are taking our charter bus from the airport. You can sleep in the next morning and we will get you a late breakfast and a tour of camp! We will make sure you have an opportunity to call home and check in with your agency to confirm your arrival. We will do a half day of work in the afternoon.
  • We want to make sure our international staff know that we provide linens/towels/pillows/blankets for you, and if you’re having trouble packing other items (like toiletries) we have some of those items available on camp.
  • Please pack the following items for pre-camp work: a rain coat, a few sweatshirts or sweaters, track pants, a warm coat, and an old pair of sneakers to work in. It can be pretty cold for the first few weeks of camp, especially in the evenings. 
  • A few items counselors from years past recommend are: an egg crate for your bed, a portable charger to charge your phone while it is in your locker, and a cheap watch with an alarm.  

Our address (please share with your family and friends so they can send you letters):
c/o Camp Weequahic
210 Woods Road
Lakewood, PA 18439

Travel Reminders:

  • The charter bus to camp will be departing at 5:00pm from the Courtyard Marriott at Newark Liberty Airport on June 6 and June 10
  • Directions to the hotel: take the AirTrain to P4 where you can take the FREE shuttle to the Courtyard Marriott at Newark Liberty Airport (973-643-8500) (Address – 600 US 1 & 9, Newark, NJ 07114)
  • Please have camp’s phone # and Scrappy’s # in your phone in case you have a problem and need to call us.
    • Camp: 570-798-2716
    • Scrappy’s mobile: 954-608-9202

We can’t wait to create amazing with you this summer!

With GAC,
Sue, Dana, and Scrappy


Camp Weequahic’s Special Events at a Glance 2021


Staff Dance Party: 80s Family Portrait (Google for some ideas)

Tribal Session (First 3 weeks of camp) 

DJ Dennis Theme: CW Homecoming (Colors are Blue and Yellow) 

Fourth of July: Pack your Red, White, & Blue! 

Specialty Meals: We host themed meals in the dining hall a few times during the summer 
Karaoke Dinner (no costumes required)
Sunglasses to Breakfast (bring your best shades) 
Comedians Lunch (no costumes required)
Bingo Lunch (no costumes required)
Monochrome Dinner (dress up in one color, head to toe) 
Twinner Dinner (find a twin, triplets, or quadruplets and dress alike) 
Super Silly Sock Supper (self-explanatory, the sillier the socks the better)

Olympic Session (Last 3 weeks of camp) 

DJ Dennis Theme: Game On! (Video game themed)

Water Carnival: Pack your athletic bathing suits! 

Specialty Meals 
Throwback Dinner (dress up in your favorite vintage Weequahic gear or as your favorite decade)
Crazy Hat Dinner
Bingo Lunch  (no costumes required)

Disney Hall of Fame Dinner
Comedians Lunch  (no costumes required)
Sunglasses to Breakfast (bring your best shades) 
Super Silly Sock Supper (self-explanatory, the sillier the socks the better)
Karaoke Dinner (no costumes required)

I hope this helps and also don’t fret if you don’t have these things, pack whatever old costumes you have, I promise they’ll come in handy at camp. And if you’re worried about your luggage being too heavy, we have lots of things to share at camp so don’t fret!