Friday Night Campfire – Friendship

Well, it’s Friday and I’m wishing I could head down to the lake and spend time with some of my favorite people – our Camp Weequahic family! While we can’t be together by Sly Lake this evening, I still want to pass along a few ideas. Tonight, let’s talk about friendship.


There are SO MANY good things about having really good friends – they make you happier, help you feel more secure and self-confident, keep you honest, and help out should things get a little crazy in your life. (Sure, they may make you a little crazy at times but that’s also a part of being good friends!)

Sometimes, friends fall together quickly. Other friendships take time to develop and only come together by mutual decisions and work. Yes, being in a friendship does take a little work – it’s just normally really fun work!

The trick to having a good friend is pretty simple: be one. Here’s the thing, though – just because it’s simple doesn’t mean that it’s easy.

Now, you should be kind to everyone – it’s the best way to show that you understand we are all of equal value. However, you really can’t be friends with everyone. Why? Because being a ‘friends’ takes the same time and same effort from both people.

Think about it – who are some of the best friends you’ve ever had? Did you spend a lot of time together? I’m guessing you said ‘YES!’ which means that you didn’t do other things with that time. You had to make an effort to hang with your friend. You gave up other options. And, you showed courage by being who you really are. And, so did they!


A true friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be true yourself and celebrates (and commiserates) with you. This is not always easy and it’s not always possible. And that’s ok! If it were so easy, friendship wouldn’t be as valuable as it is.

So, for the week ahead, I remind you of three things. First, be kind. It doesn’t cost you anything but it’s priceless to those around you. Secondly, if you want to have a great friend, start by being one. Finally, if the person you want to be friends with doesn’t feel the same way, continue being friendly but seek another friend. You are worth the effort!


Have a great week,

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