Fulcrum of Choice

I’ve written about choosing and choice and joy before. Heck, I’ve even written about choosing joy

Over the past two years, that choice was challenging. In fact, there were times many when we all forgot it was a choice at all. I recently ran into a fantastic quote that helped me:

Joy is not a function of a life free of friction and frustration, but a function of focus — an inner elevation by the fulcrum of choice.

Maria Popova

It’s a beautiful reminder and one I wanted to share with you. (It’s also a great way to remind myself.)

You can read the full piece from which I pulled the above quote here. I’ve often been nourished by Maria’s work. She’s one of a kind.

Weequahic, we’ve got a lot to celebrate, a lot for which we can and should be grateful.

In order to get ready for an amazing summer, let’s start by recognizing all of the little things which bring us joy around us. Practicing the celebrations of micro-joys will build a habit that leads to more joy, more engagement and more life. 

Recognizing the bad, the unfair, the difficult is easy. Take the harder path and recognize the joy despite everything else. The work will be worth it. 

Have a great weekend!

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