Have a Good Laugh

I love to laugh. Anyone sitting near me during this summer’s production of Aladdin heard me laugh a lot and loudly. Sorry… I come by it honestly. As a 13-year-old, I spent an afternoon cringing in a movie theater while listening to my mother laugh at ‘The Princess Bride’ – from 15 rows away! (And, yes, it’s a hilarious movie.)ac9u0630

I have a lot of favorite things about camp – the amazing, hilarious campers, working alongside our talented and engaged staff, watching my own boys build lasting friendships. There is so much to love.
My favorite, though, is walking camp just after everyone heads back to their bunk following a fun EA. The sky is dimming quickly, the air is crisping up, and the sounds of laughter, joy, and community jump out of each bunk. It’s a magical time that makes one feel young and connected.

Laughter is a gift we give both to ourselves and to those around us. First of all, it brightens our own outlook, lightens our mood, and helps us see the positive. And, it’s contagious. There is a lot of research on this fact .dsc_0536

Want to grow closer to your friends? Laugh with them. It’s one of the most effective ways to opening the doors to a person’s friendship. Want to grow more comfortable with yourself? Cultivate the ability to laugh – at yourself!

We all make mistakes. We all stumble. All of these stumbles and mistakes are learning opportunities and most give us the opportunity to laugh at ourselves. When you treat your honest mistake or stumble with your own laughter, challenges begin to melt a bit. Time speeds up a bit. Your friends are more likely to join in (in kindness and support). And, most importantly, you grow.

Take some time this off-season to laugh. Find some friends to do it alongside or spend some time thinking about all those moments at Weequahic this past summer that still make you laugh. Was it Miss Weequahic? Seeing the counselors hypnotized? Goofing around at Carnival or just enjoying time with your buddies?ac9u9482

We are blessed to get to laugh. Practice it often. Have a great week!

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