Leadership Development at Camp Weequahic

It’s Friday night and that means it’s time for a little camp-fire chat! I want to spend a moment on our Senior experience at CW. While there are a ton of fun things to talk about, I think it’s the leadership development that’s most important. Our Senior campers are amazing and how do I know? Because we help them become so!


The Weequahic community is the perfect place for building the emotional tools so important for leaders.  This outcome does not come just from being a part of the magic of camp. At Weequahic, we create specific moments and experience for our oldest campers to develop these important skills.

Camp Families

Each Senior camper becomes the head of a camp family, a grouping of Junior, Jinter, Inter, and Senior campers. These groups come up with their own greeting, family name, and spend time together throughout their time at CW.


Our 10th and 11th graders learn how to teach and assist in program areas of their choosing while at camp. Under the direction of our program directors and specialty staff, these young leaders learn what it feels like to be a program area counselors.

Big Sister / Big Brother Program

Our CITs are matched individually with our youngest campers to spend time with throughout the summer, welcome into camp, and creating a lasting bond. Each summer, our newest CITs remember their ‘Big Sister’ or ‘Big Brother’ and cannot wait to give the same type of experience to the newest campers at CW.

Leadership Classes

Taught by experienced leaders, these moments give our oldest campers time to explore their beliefs and values, learn to actively listen and engage, and become acquainted with the questions that need to be asked in each leadership opportunity. Whether it’s leading themselves to a specific goal or an entire bunk of nine year olds in an Evening Activity, we help foster leadership learning in each of our young adults.

These are just a few of the specific leadership development opportunities Camp Weequahic develops for our young adults. And, while they are useful in guiding our young leaders forward, nothing is more important than the bonds they build between each other and with the younger campers.

The Main Point

Seeing our Junior, Jinter, and Inter campers look up to the Seniors is one of the most incredible aspects of being a part of the CW community. These young kids cannot wait to grow up and lead with joy, humility, excitement, and passion.

Our Senior campers shine and not just at Weequahic. What they learn at CW goes home with them to affect all those around them. Whether at home, in the classroom, on the fields or club room, our CW Seniors make their world better. We can’t wait to see what these great young women and men do with their lives.

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