Really Excited for You

As our community heads back to school, I’ve got one thing to say to everyone:

I’m really excited for you. You’re going to race ahead this year. You’re going to learn more than you did last year, and you’re going to feel so proud.

For most of our community, the last school year was not a great one.  We were holed up at home, connected only on the web and our collective learning was… well, pretty dismal. (This is not the fault of the teachers – they worked hard and did all they could. Kudos to them!)

The good news is that most of us are going back to school. Campers and staff of Weequahic, you have an advantage over those around you. You spent several great weeks back at camp, connected to a community that was built specifically for you. Most of your classmates can’t say the same.

Put What You’ve Learned Into The World

And, while you have a ‘leg up’, being the great people that you are, I know you’ll use your experience this summer to help others. You’ll remember what it was like to be at camp for the first few days – excited and nervous all at the same time. After being separated for so long, suddenly being ‘in the soup’ with everyone was daunting for many of us. And yet, working through those feelings of nervousness was totally worth it: we had a summer we’ll never forget.

Use what you’ve experienced this past summer to help those around you. Be patient, kind and open. Be a connector, a supporter, a friend. Put some GAC into the world. Why? Because it’ll make the little part of the world around you a better, more inviting place. You’ll make it more like camp!

(And, believe it or not, all this will make you feel good, too!)

We wish everyone a wonderful start to the school year. You are going to rock it – I know it! And, once you’ve settled in and gotten things rolling, keep thinking about camp. We’ll be thinking about you!

Can’t wait to see you back here next summer!

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