I really enjoy watching our people up on stage at Weequahic.

Whether it be the entire bunk putting on a skit for MTv Night, Finch and the staff spewing laughter at each other, or the thespians putting on an amazing show… it’s just so much fun. The bright lights, the costumes, the pageantry are all hilarious and fun and (mostly) heartwarming.

Having been on the stage at the end of these shows, I know the power of the lights. They are incredibly bright and shine perfectly down on the stage. The lights make it so you can’t see anything out in the audience or backstage either.

The light drowns out everything except what’s most important: the show on stage.

In the Moment

Here’s a question: when have you felt most glad about being who you are? Perhaps laughing so hard with your friends that you ‘snarf?’ At the end of a great game? Sitting around the campfire and looking out at the lake as some old guy drones on about gratitude, attitude or courage?

(Sheesh… that guy….)

I’m sure there are a lot of different moments and different situations when you’ve felt grateful to just be you.

Do you know one of the things they all have in common? You were complete immersed in the moment.

Whenever it was, whoever you were with, whatever you were doing, you were completely and utterly engaged. The past didn’t matter and the future wasn’t in mind. It was all about that moment.

You weren’t thinking about your homework or next meal or what you were going to text your friends about. What happened yesterday or last week was nowhere near your attention.

It was all about that moment.

Shine the Light

When you focus your attention completely on the moment at hand, you forget the past and put no thought towards the future. You are engrossed with the here and now. And, in that moment, you can dance, you can play, you can interact with the environment and the people around you fully in the moment.

When you turn down the spotlight, you’ll be able to see the audience ahead of you and those supporting you back stage. But you’ll no longer be focusing on the ‘here and now.’ And the moment will suffer for it.

Mind you, I’m not suggesting you shine the light on yourself. Rather, shine it on the moment. You’ll get plenty of light and, more importantly, have the gift of a moment.

Have a great weekend!

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