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Color War: A CIT’s Role

Olympic session’s Color War is, for many campers, the highlight of their time here at Weequahic. It is the craziest, most memorable week they will have at camp. Color War is something campers look forward to all summer and is truly a bonding experience for everyone. For our CIT’s, however, Color War is the pinnacle of their time at CW. It rounds out the many years they have spent here and is the finishing touch to their experience as campers.

Color War is led by all the CIT’s, with the help of two counselors, and really gives them all a chancAC9U6961e to show leadership, responsibility, team work, gratitude, attitude, and courage to our younger campers. Our CIT’s must show good sportsmanship and team spirit and really lift up their teammates and give them a reason to win.

During Color War, competitions include various sports, ceramics and woodworking and a CIT basketball game. Some camp favorites are tug of war, egg toss and bucket brigade. Apache, a similar competition to the Gitch (Tribal Wars), involves every team member in a giant relay race. Another fun event is marble call. Whenever a specific song is played over the intercom campers must run to the flag pole to put colored marbles in their buckets. This event is particularly funny because it can happen at any time.

On the final evening of Color War, we have sing night. Over the course of the week all the CIT’s practice for this event because it is a really special time when all of camp comes together to celebrate the summer we have all had together. Each team presents their plaque along with a skit. The CIT’s from each team then share their March, a song to celebrate their respective team, Memory, an Alma Mater from a previous summer, and Alma Mater, a song about their experience here at Weequahic.

Color War is a very special time at camp and is a wonderful chance for us to grow and become a closer community. It is a great opportunity for our CIT’s be true leaders and we know they will do a fantastic job. We want to wish everyone a fun and exciting Color War and cannot wait to see all our CIT’s in action!

Camp Traditions: The Gitch

It’s the final day of Tribals (aka Color War) and your team is just 10 points behind the leaders and only 5 points ahead of the other two teams. The summer sun is high above, you’ve got butterflies in your stomach, and your face feels a bit funny because of all the face paint you are wearing.

But, you can’t think about that all right now. You’ve got to focus on the task ahead of you – the Gitch.

You can’t believe this relay will take over 1 hour and lap camp three times. You mind is boggled by the variety of events – cup stacking, bowling, Frisbees, the three legged relays, building a tent, lighting a fire…. The list seems endless!

You are pumped about your task. It’s the one your team leaders picked specifically for you and one that you’ve been practicing off and on for the last 24 hours. All 150 of your teammates have been doing the same thing – preparing for the task given to them by the leaders.

You want to complete your task quickly, successfully, and pass the baton along to your teammate to cheer them on. Then, you want to hustle to the basketball courts for the final event – the half court shot.

The entire camp watching a senior boy attempt a half court shot to end the Gitch? Wow. You remember the guy who made three baskets in four attempts over three summers at camp. Man – that kid is a legend. You hope it’s your team’s turn to erupt in a frenzy of cheering for a win. But, you also remember that it’s important to support the other guys, too.

And, when it’s all over, you can’t wait to head to the beach for the final campfire. You and the team will find out the value of the Gitch which the CITs chose from Cole and sealed with red paint. (You can’t wait to be a CIT and get to do that….)

Then, when the envelope is opened and the final points are tallied, will it be enough to put us over the top? Will we own the Deed to the Land for the next year?

But I can’t think about all that right now. I’ve got to focus on my task. Ah – I love the GITCH!