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Jamming Out at Camp

Music can be tied into so many activities and experiences at camp. From songs around the campfire to traveling songs, incorporating music into camp life just comes naturally. For campers who are interested in fine arts such as dance, music and theatre, music is a tool that can be used to express themselves in a way that written or spoken word just can’t. Dance classes give campers an artistic outlet to do what they love, and can create a strong sense of self-confidence.  Camp Weequahic gives them the opportunity to explore music as a way of self-expression, and has so many benefits for the growing minds of young campers.


Whether it is singing, dancing, or playing an instrument, music works wonders on a growing, adolescent brain, and can teach them things that build their character and helps them become more productive members of society. While they are having fun with their fellow campers and counselors through music instruction, they don’t realize they are becoming more creative, more communicative, and more well- rounded in the process. At the end of the summer, many campers are proud to go home and show off their new musical abilities, and it gives them a sense of pride to have learned something new while they were away from home.


Children who learn to play an instrument at an early age benefit in many ways. It teaches perseverance, helps with math and number skills, enhances coordination, improves memory, reading and comprehension skills, and can help sharpen focus and concentration. Studies have shown that learning to play an instrument has lifelong benefits, which is why music and access to instruments is such an important part of camp life. Campers can learn to play the guitar, participate in a live show, or learn about the behind the scenes workings of a real radio station. Camp provides plenty of options for all kinds of personalities and learning styles to really dive into music and everything it can teach them.


It is safe to assume that most campers are exposed to music on a daily basis back at home, but at camp they are exposed to different types of music, which broadens their horizons and helps them become more culturally aware. They learn to appreciate different styles of music, and learn the history behind specific music styles, instruments and songs.


Camp Weequahic is all about providing children with the tools and resources they need to build their character and set up a foundation for a successful future. This goal could not be reached without the incorporation of dance, songs and musical instruments into the every day life of the campers.

Music at Camp Weequahic

One of the great benefits of camp is learning new things. From building a rocket to getting up on water skis, the camp activities our campers explore open new worlds to enjoy. One of our more recent additions has been hugely popular – music!

At Camp Weequahic, children get to choose their activities and build the summer of their dreams. Often, when they arrive, their choices reflect their past experience and they start with activities they know a lot about. Most campers don’t know anything about playing a guitar or wailing on the drums, though both look like fun. With a little positive encouragement, we find more and more campers jumping in and learning to play.

A favorite story from last summer: Matthew, a rising 5th grader from Florida, is a great little athlete who had never picked up a guitar. During a rainy afternoon, he and his bunkmates got introductions to some of our indoor activities – rocketry, radio, robotics and music.

After learning three chords, he was hooked! Matthew changed his activities around so that he could get in more guitar and left after three weeks of camp knowing how to play 3 songs and with lots of love for a new, lifelong skill.  This is the type of experience we want all of our campers to enjoy!

It’s not just guitar that we teach at Camp Weequahic. Parents love the fact that we have and teach drums at camp. Not many families enjoy the ‘learning process’ with drums in their own house, so we make it easy and keep them at camp. Our campers get to pound away and parents need hear none of it!

Not to be outdone, the keyboards and pianos also come into play at Weequahic. Many children who play at home spend time on the ivories while spending a great summer at camp in order to keep their skills sharp. In fact, campers will sometimes even use the piano to help with an evening activity like the Talent Shows or play in our Tribal or Olympic Games.

Want to rock and roll at summer camp? Come to Weequahic. We have all the instruments covered and can’t wait to introduce you to them!