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Waterskiing Fun!

We are blessed with a lot of natural physical gifts at Weequahic – a quiet setting, a beautiful tree lined camp, great field space, and incredible indoor facilities. However, when you ask the campers and our families what they like the most about our property, they always respond that it’s the lake.

Camp Weequahic is located on Sly Lake, a deepwater spring fed lake our campers enjoy on a daily basis. It’s a stone’s throw from our girls’ bunks and teems with activity every moment of every day. And, while it’s hard to determine which water program is the most fun, it would be hard to argue against our water ski program!

Many campers are introduced to waterskiing for the first time at Weequahic. With a set of docks reserved for our motor boats and a big lake to enjoy, our campers get a lot of time behind the boats on water skis, wakeboards, knee boards, and tubes.

During the program day, Weequahic’s professional staff of drivers and teachers support our campers as they get up on water skis or the wakeboard. Our boats are outfitted with a ‘boom’ a teaching aid that allows campers to learn to ski without being pulled on the rope. Once they’ve mastered the boom, they enjoy the long rope.

We find campers evenly split between water skiing and wakeboard (basically snowboarding on the water). Regardless, it’s our goal for them to ski as often as possible. That’s why we run the program every day of the summer and incorporate as many teaching spots as possible.

When campers aren’t improving their skills on skis, they are laughing and screaming around the lake with their friends on the tubes. Tubes are used as a fun outlet for all campers and each bunk is invited for a tube run or two each week. The look on our campers’ faces when they get off the tube is priceless – they simply could not have more fun!

A summer at camp would not be complete without having fun on the lake. We are thrilled to have a great lake at Camp Weequahic and can’t wait to see our campers enjoy it again in for Summer 2012!