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More Than Just A Lake

There are many things campers notice when they arrive at camp the first day. They notice the cabins, all of the new faces, the baseball fields, ropes course, tennis courts and acres and acres of open space to run in, play in and explore in. But one of the most breathtaking and exciting parts of camp is the lake. With “so-clear-you-can see-right-to-the-bottom” waters, the lake and sandy shoreline is a popular place for campers to spend the majority of their summers.


When it comes to watersports, campers can try a variety of different options while at Camp Weequahic. Campers can relax and learn the art of fishing, or work their muscles on a standup paddle board, or they can get their heart rate up as they experience the speed and thrill of wakeboarding and water skiing. The lake doesn’t just offer a location to try new sports; it serves as the backdrop for the time in their lives when kids will remember they tried something new. It will be the place they fondly remember as the spot where they faced their fears, tried something new, and had the time of their lives.


The lake also serves as a great place for reflection and peace. A quiet stroll along the shoreline can be a great place for a confidential conversation between friends, a quiet place for journaling or writing letters back home, or simply a place to connect with nature.  Warm, sunny days heat the water to a comfortable 80 degrees during the day, making it easy to run, splash and play in the crystal clear waters all day long. (Don’t worry, sunscreen is readily available and lifeguards and other professionals are always around!)


The lake is a central part of camp, and it brings campers together in a variety of ways.  Camp Weequahic would feel incomplete without all of the activities, events and life lessons that are centered on the lake. Self-confidence, friendships and trust are all built on the lake. Campers who come from a part of the country where they don’t have access to such a beautiful part of nature really connect and enjoy everything the lake has to offer.


The lake is so much more than just a body of water in the middle of camp. The lake is a place that campers really connect with, and where lifelong memories are made.



Lots of Ways to Enjoy the Lake at Camp Weequahic


Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 12.29.19 PMCamp Weequahic is blessed with one of the best camp lakes in Wayne County. Sly Lake lies beautifully below our Senior girls’ bunks and is the stage for a wide variety of fun-filled activities.

The jumping off point (quite literally!) for most of our lake activities is our sandy beach. Campers find a buddy and check in with our head lifeguard before heading to one of their waterfront choices. Should they bounce on the water trampoline? Paddle a kayak or stand up paddleboard? Perhaps they should choose free swim or play volleyball on the beach? There are lots of good choices that require several trips to the waterfront to enjoy.

In addition to our waterfront activities, campers interested in learning how to sail do so under the tutelage of experienced instructors. Our Sunfish sailboats stay out on Sly Lake a good part of the summer and are used by complete beginners all the way up to experienced sailors.

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 12.29.47 PMWhile most of the activities at the waterfront are on the surface, one program that explores the depths is our fishing program. Anglers at CW get their lines wet every period of every day and we’ve got plenty of fish stories to tell.

Most of our fish are catch and release. However, when we catch a good large mouth bass or large ‘sunny’, our staff will teach the campers how to gut and prepare the fish to be cooked over an open flame. And, yes, they all get to enjoy a bite!

Not to be outdone, our waterski and tubing program is a frothy blast. Campers interested in learning to waterski do so with the help of experienced teachers and boat drivers. We have had many children learn to waterski for the first time at camp and even learn to drop a ski and go slalom! In addition to waterskiing, our wakeboard program continues to be a popular choice as well.

We hope that you will come have a blast at Camp Weequahic’s amazing waterfront next summer!