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Catching up with James H. of the Camp Weequahic Woodshop

Even though many campers anticipate sports and outdoor activities at Camp Weequahic, The Woodshop has become a very popular place at camp. Our woodshop is full of tools that enable our campers to build creative masterpieces, but one of the main reasons woodworking is so popular here is our talented and enthusiastic staff, including James H. We thought you’d like to know more about this great CW team member!

Camp Weequahic: Hi James, we’re so glad to talk to you today. You’ve done great work with us and we’d love to learn more about you and how you help make Camp Weequahic awesome. Please tell us a little about yourself.

James: I come from a small community back in Wales where I have lived all my life. I have two sisters that are older than me and I have always had a passion for sports (soccer and rugby) and teaching and leading my peers.  I’m lucky to be able to pursue my profession, carpentry, while doing everything else I love at CW.

Camp Weequahic: Camp Weequahic is a fantastic place to integrate those interests. You seem to love helping kids. What other experiences have you had working with kids before your time at Camp Weequahic?

James: Since I was 16 I have been coaching social and fitness to a local under 9’s soccer team in my community. Plus when I was in School I used to teach woodworking to younger kids. Also, when I was at camp last year, working with our campers was a great joy.

Camp Weequahic: The campers definitely connect well with you. What does it mean to you to work at camp?

James: Camp means everything to me, for the friendships, the experience, but most of all for the FAMILY we create by the end of the summer. It’s amazing how everybody feels at home here in such a short period of time; that’s what camp means to me.

Camp Weequahic: Camp is a great time to make connections with others and grow individually. What are some of your goals for the summer?

James: Some of my goals would definitely be to step up and be more of a leader, to help my DH out with activities. Also to be sure I am a role model to the kids and to make sure that woodworking will be one of the ‘’HOT-SPOTS’’ at camp!

Camp Weequahic: Those are admirable goals and I’m sure this year will be one of our best summers yet. What is your favorite camp activity?

James: WOODSHOP! Camp has many different activities that I thoroughly enjoy, so I am going to say that I enjoy nearly everything.

Camp Weequahic: Lastly, tell us a fun fact about you.

James: One fun fact about me would have to be that I am a people’s person. I can get along and introduce myself to anyone. It is definitely one of my strong points.

Camp Weequahic: Thanks so much James, and we’re thrilled you’re back with us for another summer!