Taking One for the Team

They’re a staple of summer camp lore…Color Wars, although Camp Weequahic prefers less confrontational terms, such as “Olympics” and “Tribal”.   They’re steeped in tradition and every American summer camp has one, a competition usually held toward the end of the summer that, over multiple days, splits the camp into two teams and pits them against each other.  How can something like this be valuable when summer camp emphasizes family, togetherness, and spirit?  In short, these special season-ending programs give campers (and staff) the opportunity to demonstrate what they’ve learned over the summer.  In order to succeed in the various challenges that comprise these competitions, campers must draw on the experiences they’ve had and lessons they’ve learned over the summer.  They’re challenged in everything from sports to trivia.  But perhaps what’s most amazing about these events is that, in the end, it’s not about which team wins or loses.  It’s about being part of something bigger than the individual…a team, a mindset, a family, and a community.

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