The Importance of Stories

I love a good story. I’ve told a lot of them at Campfire. There are some favorite ones that we repeat like the Giving Tree but many are new each summer.

Stories are important to us as individuals and as a society. When well done, stories stir emotion, share values, and give us a chance consider our past, present, and future in different ways.


What are your favorite stories? Are they Greek myths? The stories you’ve learned about America’s founder fathers? Something from Dr. Seuss perhaps? There are so many choices and I hope you collect many.

But the stories we listen to are not the only ones that are important. I think the most important are those stories that we tell ourselves.

A great teacher of mine spoke a lot about self-talk and making sure that it was positive, uplifting and focusing all at the same time. Many of us struggle at times with this aspect of our lives and that’s ok. The important thing is to take some time and really evaluate what you are saying to yourself. Are building yourself up or tearing yourself down?

Our campers and staff are amazing. How do I know? Because I get to spend so much time with you each summer and then hear about your throughout the year. You have SO MUCH in your lives of which to be proud. Please make sure the stories you tell yourself are positive, uplifting and focusing.

Have a great weekend!

With GAC,

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