Togetherness at Mealtime

One of best things about camp is all of the unique experiences you have throughout the summer.  Here at Weequahic, mealtime is no different.  You would not be hard pressed to find our campers and staff singing in unison to some of their favorite songs, dancing in their seats, or dressed in silly costumes.  Special themed dinners are also a common occurrence throughout the summer, including Halloween night, Celebrity night & Italian night.  Last night we kicked off our special themed dinners with twin night.  There were twins, triplets, quadruplets, and even entire bunks, that came dressed alike.  It is a fun way for us to come together, as a community, and celebrate.  I mean where else can you enjoy a meal with your best friends while singing at the top of your lungs and dressed in ridiculous costumes?  Meals are more than just that though. Take a glance into our dining hall and you will get a look into our culture here; the spirit of togetherness and inclusion, the value of a positive attitude, and the importance of not taking yourself too seriously.  After all, isn’t that what life is all about?

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