Tribals and Olympics

What is camp without Color War? Divided into teams of equal athletic, creative, and enthusiastic skills, campers compete in these multi-day events to end each session.

“Tribals” involves four teams who vie to become the “Keeper of the Deed to the Land.” Ending our first session each summer, the campers and staff of Weequahic represented four different nations: Cherokee, Iroquois, Seneca, and Dakota. The nations change each year with the exception of the previous winner.

Competitions ranged across the sport fields to the art rooms and even into the kitchen where each camper strives to bring valuable points to their teams. We develop the teams and events so that everyone adds value, regardless of their interests and abilities.

This year, Cherokee outlasted a surging Dakota team at the last few moments of our Gitchee Goomee, a relay race around camp. Cherokee now holds the Deed until the next summer.

Not to be outdone, Olympics holds enormous sway of the last few days of our second session. Since 1953, Army and Navy have competed over four days to determine the victors. Whether competing in novelties (like Marble Call), lining up in formation, challenging one another on the soccer field, or bursting with excitement at the Sing, Olympics is a good natured (and slightly intense) end to each summer.

Both competitions keep the journey rather than the outcome as its ultimate goal and sportsmanship as the highest value. Our program heads and key staff members serve as Judges during both competitions to ensure the proper outcomes, keep the competitions fair, and continual reminder our campers and staff that, regardless of the team they are on, everyone is a valued part of Weequahic.

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